Safer Streets and Sidewalks

As our next city Councilmember, I’ll do what my predacessors promised to do but never followed through on: use already available District 6 discretionary funds to build long-promised and much-needed street repairs including filling in pot holes, working to repair the Cheshire Bridge corridor (the gateway to District 6) install speed humps and/or speed cushions where neighborhoods need and want them, and implement the long list of tools at our disposal that help slow down high – speed cut-thru traffic that threaten our families and businesses.

As our next city Council member, I will:

  1. Work with our city’s department of transportation, partner with MARTA, and our amazing neighborhood associations so that we can better connect all of District 6’s unique and historic neighborhoods with jobs, and connect our communities to the regional resources they need to economically thrive.
  2. Fight to make sure that our city starts treating sidewalks the way they should – as shared resources, not homeowner burdens – and work to fix the overwhelming backlog of sidewalk repairs that are stalling out too many of our local businesses. 
  3. Fight to invest in new pedestrian infrastructure, so that our kids are safer in their yards, our seniors are safer on our sidewalks, and we can all safely walk to our community store when we need to.
  4. Fight to reinvest in our pedestrian, wheelchair, and bicycle infrastructure so that our hard-working families and small businesses have access and connectivity to remain safe and independent.
  5. Work closely with our amazing neighborhood groups District-wide to reassess citywide neighborhood speed limits to help make our neighborhoods safer.
  6. Ensure our city follows through on its commitment to rail transit along the Beltline.

As a successful small business owner who formerly served as the small business development chair of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, I am already seasoned in partnering with organizations and businesses like MARTA and our amazing neighborhood groups. As our next city council member I will continue to build a partnership with Marta and our neighborhood groups to increase the number of current bus stops we have, to improve existing bus stops with whatever infrastructure our community organizations think they need – like benches and shelters, and fight to make environmentally responsible public transportation as easy and dignified as possible.

As our next City Council member, I’ll fight to mitigate unhealthy zoning and land use ordinances that strictly encourage car usage over public transportation, bikes or walking. District 6 used to be one of the most walker friendly corners of the city, but that lifestyle has been threatened by unmitigated growth at all costs. It’s time to elect a city Council member who will prioritize the safety and well-being of our families and small businesses.