More Affordable Homes

I’m incredibly proud to have been a resident of Atlanta for nearly 20 years, and a long time district 6 homeowner. But, it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to do that and more and more difficult for our legacy residents to hold onto the homes they fought their entire lives for. I’ve seen firsthand how the city of Atlanta has the greatest economic divide in the nation, and one of the highest housing costs compared to income. Too many of our families, friends, and neighbors are paying too high a percentage of their income to keep a roof over their heads. And that threatens all of us.

That’s why I, as our next city Council member, I will:                 

  1. Fight to expand public funding for our existing land banks. By doing this our city can help current land costs hold steady and also encouraging economic diversity in district 6’s vibrant and historic neighborhoods. Increased land ownership creates more stable neighborhoods, and that’s good for all of us.
  2. Fight to expand Invest Atlanta’s current programs, like new homeowner’s down payment assistance. By literally investing in Atlanta residents becoming homeowners, we stabilize every neighborhood in our city.
  3. I will vote against property tax increases that contribute to the loss of legacy residents and increases gentrification in our historic neighborhoods.
  4. I will fight for property tax freezes for our seniors on a fixed income. Because it is only right that if your income is frozen your property taxes should be frozen, too.
  5. I will be the strongest possible partner for low income property owners. I will fight for new programs and new property tax exemptions that seek to alleviate the burden of homeownership for lower income Atlantans.
  6. I will fight against the crime magnets that are blighted properties by holding property owners accountable for code violations. I will also fight to go a step further and seek out shell corporations who seek to keep property owners anonymous, so that we can hold those owners accountable and move towards condemnation faster. This would increase the supply of available land and housing and drive down the cost of ownership for many families across Atlanta.
  7. I will work directly with our zoning agencies and area developers to green light more market driven transportation and parking solutions, putting an end to acres of parking lots surrounding too many big box stores. that space is better utilized for creative higher density housing that will help drive down Atlanta is excessive housing costs.