Safer Neighborhoods

As the step-daughter of a police officer, who in 26 years of service has never tased anyone or fired his weapon, I’m extremely passionate about expanding our existing program to bring more police, fire and first responders to live in the communities they patrol. We all know that people who live in the communities they patrol have better relationships, fewer cases of excessive force and fewer problems with profiling. Let’s fix that, together.

As our next city councilmember, I will:

  1. Fight to hire more police officers, hitting our currently budgeted for and approved staffing targets.
  2. Require all APD officers to work at least one patrol shift per week.
  3. Fight for more de-escalation training for our APD officers.
  4. Work with our NPU’s and homeowner groups to help increase community policing.
  5. Expand existing City of Atlanta housing programs for first responders to move more APD officers, firefighters and EMT’s into our community and encourage those officers to patrol the neighborhoods in which they live.
  6. Expand existing City of Atlanta programs that have licensed and bonded social workers respond to mental health calls in addition to armed police officers.
  7. Fight to expand after school programs for our youth, to provide much-needed support and life guidance after schools close and before parents come home.
  8. Fight to double the number of mentorships available to the youth in District 6.
  9. In the case of repeat offenders, fight to hold parents more responsible for the actions of those children who are repeat offenders.
  10. Partner with our successful community groups that are doing great work helping previously incarcerated individuals land safe housing and gainful employment when released.
  11. Stricter enforcement of noise violations and nuisance complaints for bars and restaurants to better protect our neighborhoods.
  12. Fight to create a new, low-barrier, no-questions-asked shelter to get more of our homeless population off the streets and connected to vital, life-saving wrap-around services.