Hi, I’m Courtney DeDi!

As a nearly 20 year Atlanta resident, a District 6 homeowner, and a successful small business owner who has run my brick and mortar Cheshire Bridge corridor businesses for over a decade, I know we need to build a safer Atlanta. We all want to be safe from crime and criminals. We all want to be safe from Covid-19. We all want to be safe from the devastating financial consequences of our current economic downturn. As our next City Council member, I will fight every day to build a safer Atlanta, together with you.

Why am I running?

After carrying my business through the past year plus of the Covid-19 pandemic and finally beginning to gain traction again, business operations were suddenly interrupted with the recent Cheshire Bridge fire. When I looked to the City of Atlanta to provide information and answers on what this meant for my business and all others being impacted, the silence was deafening. It was then that I realized it was time to fulfill my calling and serve the community on a broader scale by running for City Council.


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